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The Quack Dentist

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Author: Stallings, A. E.
Price: $35.00
Publisher Location: Oxford
Publisher: Tower Poetry, Christ Church
Year Published: 2017
Book Condition: Fine
Edition: First Edition
Sewn printed wrappers; 8vo. [8 pp.] Number 5 in a series of pamphlets of poems commissioned each to respond to a painting from the Picture Gallery of Christ Church [College], Oxford. Each pamphlet with a color reproduction of the painting, and each in a hand-sewn edition of 100 copies and signed by the poet, in this case A. E. Stallings, a poet from Athens, Georgia, a winner of the MacArthur Foundation Award, herself a graduate of Oxford University, and now living in Athens, Greece. Not otherwise printed; not in her 2018 collection LIKE. Fine copy.