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HOWL, For Carl Solomon

Author: Ginsberg, Allen
Price: $6500.00
Publisher Location: New York
Publisher: Gotham Book Mart
Book Condition: Very good
Edition: First edition, second issue, unauthorized
3 2 leaves, printed on rectos only in purple ink: [1] title, [2] dedication to Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, Neal Cassady and Lucien Carr. The Title page signed by Allen Ginsberg, with the signature and a note by Marthe Rexroth: "I cranked the ditto master at S F State the first time around -and! was at the reading". On the verso of the title, McClure has written the lengthy note: "This first long poem of Allen's was read at the Six Gallery in San Francisco in October 1955. I was 22 years old and gave my first reading also that night. I read a poem titled FOR THE DEATHS OF 100 WHALES and other poems of nature and new consciousness. Our co-readers that night were Whalen, Snyder, & Lamantia. Kenneth Rexroth was M.C. I met Jack Kerouac that night. The group of us - minus Lamantia - read again in Berkeley, March 1956, on a rainy evening. It was a fine evening for poetry and I remember my pleasure in Allen's comic 'America'. I read mostly from a huge notebook of experimental poems of consciousness. Michael McClure." On the dedication page are the signatures of Philip Lamantia, Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and an inscription by David Meltzer: "When Allen first read Kaddish in SF, I read too. I was 22." McClure, Snyder, Lamantia and Whalen read at the Six Gallery the same night Ginsberg read "Howl," and Ferlinghetti published its first trade edition through his City Lights Press in 1956. Two leaves in a frame for presentation, the McClure "essay" on the verso of the title sheet viewable through a cutout on the back of the foam mounting. The Marthe Rexroth statement with Allen Ginsberg's signature on the title page; the McClure essay on verso; Lamantia, Snyder, Whalen, Ferlinghetti have signed the dedication page, Doug Meltzer has added his brief note (and drawing) about his reading in 1956 when AG first read KADDISH. Promoted (though promotion in this case was a 100 postcards and posters at bars on North Beach including the offer of free admission, the hat passed for the wine - a "Charming event.". In the audience was Jack Kerouac who by has own account in THE DHARMA BUMS and by others was quite drunk) as "6 Poets at 6 Gallery", five poets read with Snyder reading from MYTHS & TEXTS last following AG's first reading in public of HOWL. Kenneth Rexroth was the sixth, the elder acting as m.c. Ferlinghetti the next day sent AG a telegram: " I greet you at the beginning of a great career. When do I get the manuscript?" He published in 1956, and was greeted not long after with obscenity charges from which he and his store manager ShIg Murao were acquitted in October 1957. Peter Howard of Serendipity Books, Berkeley, handled at least one complete mimeo copy with similarities to this presentation (see below). This copy bought via another dealer who bought this directly from Mr. Howard a decade or more ago. Why just the title and dedication pages is a question only the late great bookseller could answer, but clearly his hand is in the signatures added to at least one complete copy, and the addition of the Philip Lamantia signature to the present offering. Needless to say rare, and a wonderful addition to any Beat collection.