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Author: Berrigan, Ted
Price: $5500.00
Publisher Location: n.p.
Publisher: self-published
Year Published: 1975
Book Condition: Very good -
Edition: First edition
26 (mis-numbered) pages, rectos only, plus dedication and title pages and final page. An original copy, mostly photocopies, done by the author for his wife the poet Alice Notley. Essentially a mock-up in the same format (a preliminary manuscript?) as the Frontward Press book published in the same year - side stapled 8 1/2 x 11 sheets, here on duplication paper. The title page reads in Berrigan's hand: "orig' mss"; "First Copy Xerox, Flair Pen, Paper Collage, Elmer's Glue". The verso of the last leaf reads: "This copy completed (for Alice) 3-4 a.m., Thursday, Apr. 24th in Needles, California." "I did it for myself, but I wouldn't have done it at all but for you." "No other Annotated MSS Copy exists." Each poem is annotated, often heavily, noting borrowings (Clark, Notley, Coolidge among others), inspiration, dedications, etc. One poem in the author's hand, some corrected or added to. Two covers: the front with a pasted on photo of TB, with pasted on labels, and "Needles, CA, 23 Apr, 75" and "Chicago Mar.75" and decorations in ink; the back cover is actually the front, and elaborately decorated by Ted Berrigan. The title is incorporated in the figure of a skier on a slope which is all on a pasted on piece of paper approx. 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches; decorated with stars, emendations and lines in three colors. Including both covers Ted has signed this remarkable artifact sixteen times. Seemingly, in preparation for publication, but intended for his wife it is much more than that. As an example, for the poem "Easter Monday" he writes: checking one line "only line by me - attempt to use spaces, their regularity or intentional to make unrelated lines perform magic of chance so that 'I' i. e. name at bottom speaks each line it is [unintelligible to me] another truth ... Sonnet technique heavily controlled (?)" and much more. Staples a bit tarnished some pages pulled, some toning, creasing and wear. The central cover image of the skier with a tear, mostly closed with pencil eraser-sized loss. Good or better; interior near fine and fascinating. Certainly Unique.