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HANDBILL "Attention Christians!" "Goodbye Christ"

Author: Hughes, Langston
Price: $75.00
Publisher Location: Pasadena (?)
Publisher: n.p.
Book Condition: Near fine
Edition: First Separate Printing
Handbill ("Reprint From Original") for the Book and Author luncheon at the elegant Vista Del Arroyo Hotel in Pasadena, CA; 9 x 5 3/8 in. The event was interrupted when members of Aimee Semple McPherson's temple picketed because the Hughes' poem included lines "most uncomplimentary" to the evangelist. This is presumably the original leaflet handed out by McPherson's church members and subsequently printed in The Saturday Evening Post. The poem "Goodbye Christ" was first printed in 1932 in the NEGRO WORKER in the Nov./Dec. issue, and reprinted three more times including in THE SATURDAY EVENING POST in the Dec. 21, 1940 issue after the event was canceled (or Hughes withdrew - reports vary). None of the printings were authorized, the POST according to Prof. Best printed without comment. Of the POST which is mentioned in the poem, Hughes wrote it is a "magazine whose columns, like the doors of many of our churches, has been until recently entirely closed to Negroes." Best writes that the poem continued to haunt Hughes and during the McCarthy hearings and Dirksen subcommittee hearings with Ray Cohn questioning it was clear that the poem and the "Pasadena incident" were the primary reason (and likely his rumored homosexuality, as with Alan Turing - homosexuals were deemed unreliable) for his being questioned as a communist/atheist. The leaflet itself is repugnant, ending "Attend the luncheon Christians and hear George Palmer Putnam introduce the author of the above 'poem'... -- and eat, IF YOU CAN". Near fine. Six copies located on WorldCat.