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Letters (Two Tls; one signed post card)

Author: Berryman, John (Marshall A. Best)
Price: $950.00
Publisher Location: n.p.
Publisher: n.p.
Book Condition: Very good
Edition: First edition
Two typed letters signed (Tls), with one handwritten, signed postcard to marshall A. Best Viking editor who oversaw the Viking Portables regarding publishing a Portable Stephen Crane. The first letter is dated 20 February 1950 on Berryman's Princeton stationary, some 250 words, regarding permissions, word count; the postcard is dated (publisher stamp) May 25 ,1951, begins with JB's current project: "I was breaking my brains out on the end of a draft of a short critical biography of Wm. Shakespeare [a long time unpublished during his lifetime project] when your bad news came last month". The bad news was problems with Knopf re: permissions. "If the world still exists then, and you do, and I do, we might consider again. Meanwhile if the bombs begin I hope they will not neglect Knopf." The final letter is on small cream paper dated 2 jan 1952; approximaely 190 words. He refers two having "been dilatory about the return of a contract" and refers to two books. The bulk of the letter refers to his colleague Randall Jarrell doing a Portable Kipling. "Shakespeare is going on slowly." All three signed in ink, with red ink date stamp and staple holes; both letters folded, with pencil notations, but little wear and very good.